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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

TV Is The Alien Sitting In My Home II: The Revenge  

So, we're a little more than a month into the new TV season, so I thought I'd give a rundown on how I'm spending my nights (and more importantly how my VCR is spending it's nights). Yes, I do not have TiVo, we've established this. It's possible I may get it in the future, but for now, I'm content (sp?) to use my two vcrs to help with any emergencies. I did something similar two years ago, which you can check out >here<. And nope... this still isn't pathetic.

Sunday, where we meet our hero, a geeky, sensitive, intellectual with a snarky attitude.

8:00 - Star Trek: Enterprise (UPN) - I was actually a big fan of last season, and am interested to see what the theme'll be this year. I'll always be a Trekkie at heart. This is a rerun from Friday, but hopefully I won't be watching those airings.
9:00 - Desperate Housewives (ABC) - While unimpressed with the pilot, I've quickly become hooked on this show, mostly because it has the hot hot hot Teri "They're Real, And They're Spectacular" Hatcher in the lead. I'm a fan of all the characters, and the writing is sharp and witty.
10:00 - Boston Legal (ABC) - Was never a fan of The Practice, but I find this legal drama damn fun. Spader and Shatner play off eachother well, and honestly, I'll take any chance to watch William FUCKING Shatner in anything.

Monday, in which our hero is in a state of calm and peace, but a harrowing future beckons.

8:00 - Nuttin'!
9:00 - Everwood (WB) - I sadly missed a bunch of episodes from early this season, but it's still a favorite of mine, and can be picked up quite easily.
10:00 - CSI: Miami (CBS) - I watch this almost out of boredom. I can't stand David Caruso, but the show is better this year with the departure of the tool Speedle... I hated that character even more. Anyway, I like to watch because, hell, it's a CSI spinoff, and it's set in Florida! BTW, you won't see CSI: NY listed here because that show sucks even more than this show did in S1. Thanks, but I get enough blue-filtered police drama on Joan of Arcadia.

Tuesday, in which our hero meets his damsels in distress, and faces his first challenge

8:00 - Gilmore Girls (WB) - I've been an avid watcher from episode one, and I'll stick with it to the end. The writing is still as witty as ever, and Lauren Graham just gets hotter every year... I just wish she wore her glasses more.
9:00 - Veronica Mars (UPN) - Easily one of the best new shows of the season... so why isn't anyone watching?!? The lead actress is perfect, the flashbacks are engrossing, and the mysteries have already produced great shocks.
9:00 Tape - One Tree Hill (WB) - A suitable replacement for The Dawson. I don't have an overwhelming need to watch it, but it's a fun show.
10:00 - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) - The best of the three out there, it has the best characters, and actors, as well as the best storylines. Thank doG for USA, which airs reruns now constantly!

Wednesday, in which our hero meets his enemy head-on, and teams up with his comic sidekick

8:00 - Lost (ABC) - Hands down the best new show of the season, picture the way you felt about 24 in the first half of it's S1, and multiply it by Alias, and you've got this show's energy. Not to be missed.
8:00 Tape - Smallville (WB) - I'm still a fan of this show, especially now that it appears that the Lana-focus is dissipating. Plus the new Lois Lane, Erica Durance, is one spicy tamale. Glad to see more and more DC characters are beginning to rear their heads... but I want Bruce Wayne, damnit!
9:00 - Nothing... although Jack & Bobby and Kevin Hill both air here, so it's something to turn to, but honestly, they bore me.
10:00 - Law & Order (NBC) - Always entertaining. I'll be sad to see Elizabeth Rohm leave this season though... I think I was the only one in America who liked her.
12:00 - South Park (CC) - Trey and Matt are comic geniuses. Nuff said.

Thursday, where are hero makes his final stance against The Eye, for the future of all reality.

8:00 - Survivor (CBS) - I remember watching the first episode of this show and praising Richard Hatch as a genius. Since then I've guessed three of winners from episode one (shoulda been four with Boston Rob on All-stars). The people may be less interesting these days, but it's still fun to watch Peachy make his "fire is life" speechs.
9:00 - CSI (CBS) - I got into this show late after Spike TV started airing reruns... it's one of my few TV missives. Anyway, this will go down as a classic of television; it's better than Law & Order, with better characters and acting. Sure, they may miss the mark on occasion with a B-plot, but it's still awesome. I'm in the camp that wants Warrick and Catherine to get together... screw Grissom and Sarah. And Nick? Well, go find another hooker.
10:00 - Without a Trace (CBS) - Not a must see, but entertaining none-the-less. I really like the Sam Spade character, and the show seems to get great guest stars.

Friday, in which after defeating The Eye, our hero is given a final space-adventure by his boss.

8:00 - Joan of Arcadia (CBS) - Hard to describe the appeal of the show, but the different aspects of God are always entertaining. The characters are some of the best on TV (I particularly enjoy the Grace/Luke pairing this season), and Amber Tamblyn is a surprisingly impressive actress.
9:00 - Stargate SG-1 (Sci-Fi) - This show doesn't get the respect is deserves. In it's eighth season, it may be starting to show it's age, but for years this cast and crew and provided some of the best science fiction hours in a long time. Each of the actors has brought growth to their characters, and the special effects (when they are used) are some of my favorite on television.
10:00 - Stargate Atlantis (Sci-Fi) - Hasn't hooked me yet, but I'm still intrigued by the new tangent the universe has gone off on. Some of the characters are a joy to behold, and the sets are damn impressive.

Saturday, in which are hero returns home and rests

Nothing of importance, but reruns of Angel and Buffy always call out if for some reason I'm in... which hopefully isn't often.

So there we go. I think I've improved and matured in the past few years. Not even 20 hours of Must See TV!

Of course, The OC and Alias haven't started yet... *sigh*... Our hero's future is in jeopardy.

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