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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Holz Blogs the State of the Union  

Last year, I kept a running commentary on the SotU, in reverse. I'll try and do that again, but there's always the chance I'll be laughing so hard through the lies, I'll just lose track. The following is meant to be read backwards...

7:30 - Overall, good response. In fact, I think they said more than Bush did during his entire speech. Be interested to see what the poll results will be tomorrow.

7:25 - Great point on how the economy isn't based on quarterly reports but on jobs.

7:23 - Man, on some loevel, I kinda hoped Tom would say "The truth is the stat of our union isn't strong"

7:20 - Hmph... 100%... as a statistician, I think that's a little extravagant.

7:18 - "America must show it's greatness, not just it's strength"... great line.

7:16 - Wow, better choice for rebuttals this year in Pellosi and Daschle... even if Nancy always looks stoned and Tom looks like he needs to take a dump.


7:05 - Hee, funny face he made at the end there. Oh well, fairly tame SotU. Surprised he spent so much time on foreign affairs, I personally don't think people care as much about that anymore, we are in serious trouble here domestically, and he seemed to gloss over everything wrong... can't wait for the response.

7:03 - I just realized that Bush hasn't thanked Cheney for anything. Doesn't the President usually do something like that at least once?

7:00 - Congress has denied money to churches because we have a fucking separation of church and state! Churches don't even pay taxes, isn't that enough?

6:59 - The Defense of Marriage Act is one of the most bigoted laws passed in recent memory. I don't care if Clinton signed it, it's wrong. And sit the fuck down Santorum, and go fuck your dog.

6:57 - ABSTINENCE PROGRAMS?!?! LOL, oh man, I can't believe he said it! Abstinence does not work!!!

6:54 - Oh god... the drug war is back...23 million for drug testing... this is wrong on so many levels. And now we're blaming sports...

6:51 - I wish I had some smart ass comments on the Medicare-HMO shit, but truthfully that is something I don't know too much about... but Bush is behind it, so I'm sure it's evil.

6:48 - And here comes the immigration debacle... I can't beleive a Republican is saying this... and now he comes out says he's offering amnesty... who is this guy? Even I don't see that as a good thing, and I like to think of myself as fairly liberal

6:46 - 'Good stewards of taxpayers dollars"... one number: $87 Billion.

6:45 - Promote conservation?!? Where the hell did that come from?!?!?

6:44 - "Unless you act, we'll see a tax increase"... LOL, that was the weakest round of applause I've ever heard.

6:43 - Jobs for the 21st Century... I heard this was coming. In theory this could be helpful, and could be one of the few shining marks on Bush's record... he'll fuck it up somehow.

6:39 - Heh-heh, ho-ho, is he really serious with this No Child Left Behind Act nonsense? It's fairly well-known how poorly that piece of shit is doing

6:37 - Does he really believe that the economy is getting stronger? Or is he really that stupid? "Inflation is low"? We're approaching de-flation!!! That ain't a good thing Shrub...

6:34 - Bush basically just said that while the Muslim history has shunned democracy, God will show them the light... I swear I just heard him say it

6:33 -How pathetic was that list of countries that supported us?

6:32 - He's really going after the anti-war supporters... personally, I find this to be a wrong manuever on his part. The anti-Bush War supporters weren't supporters of Saddam, so shut the fuck up about how patriotic we are. The world is better without the maniac... but the fact is you fucking lied to us!!!!

6:28 - I can't believe he just brought up his two photo-ops...

6:25 - I'm conflicted over the deal that has been made with Qaddafi. It's an impressive feat, but still, I can't help but feeling we've made a deal with a devil who has wronged us severely in the past

6:24 - Is the new head of Iraq Jewish?

6:21 - First mention of Saddam, and it was surprisingly quick... is it becausae they realize the American people are beginning to realize he had already lost all power?

6:20 - Oh man, women in Afghanistan... sure they may be getting their rights... but what about the increase in the lack of rights for women in Iraq? The people in Iraq are not free. The men are. (okay, and even that's a stretch)

6:19 - Just realized he switched up the order of the speech from last year... smart choice, in my opinion

6:17 - What the hell was up with the applauise break after he said that the Patrriot Act is almost running out... weird.

6:14 - 'The state of our union is confident and strong'... and don't forget, still scared shitless.

6:12 - Wow, Tom Ridge is incredibly tan... and lie number one: the tax relief is working.

6:11 - Glad to see Dick's come outta hiding... and Ted Kennedy looks drunk...

6:09 - Nice entrance, although he looks like hes wearing a helluva lotta makeup... I'm just saying.

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